Don't have time, patience or the expertise to deal with your computer problems? Windows not starting up properly? Too slow? Is your anti-virus out of date? Have a virus / spyware / adware in your PC? Sounds familiar, with a solution in sight. MediaMatics will provide on-site help by giving you instant solutions to your most frustrating problems related to computer hardware or software. We provide much needed expertise when you need to install a new printer, scanner, sound card, webcam, CD/DVD-Rom, hard disk, modem or any other computer peripheral.

We will come right to your office or home to solve all your computer needs including installing / repairing of corrupted operating systems such as Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10, word processing, graphics and a host of other software to enable you to work on your computer right away without any more hassle. We provide consultation for all matters connected with computers including hardware and software. We will also help you set up your e-mail, get you on the internet, and install voice and video conferencing software.

So, No Unplugging! No Lugging!
We Come To You.

• Only Rs. 1500/- per hour

Please note that the services listed above are provided only to residents of Colombo and its immediate suburbs.

Altaf Hussein, our IT Consultant with over 18 years experience in the IT field and specialising in troubleshooting computers, will be on call to attend to all your computer requirements.

For further information or clarification, please contact 0777-318322.




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